1. Dont forget to make your move only when Alexandra arrives at your board.

2. You can ask for a “pass” twice during the duration of the Simul if you are not ready to make your move when Alexandra arrives at your board.

3. Write down your moves. A scoresheet means that when the game finishes, you can ask Alexandra to sign it. If you manage to win the game, it could be worth its weight in gold!

4. Alexandra, according to the rules, has the right to change her move until the moment she makes her move on the next board. A Simul is a special situation and you can be proud that you forced a GM and World Champion to change their move – showing that even they are human and can make mistakes sometimes!

5. Play mainstream openings! It will be a great opportunity for you to test out your knowledge.

6. If a move looks like a blunder there is a good chance it is! A GM has a strong chess instinct due to their greater experience but can make tactical errors due to playing so many games at once.

7. Play for the win! A GM always prefers to play risk-free positions in simuls, so if you can, complicate the position. Since a simul-giver doesn’t have much time to think, it will force them to make mistakes. Especially attacks of the simuls-giver’s king are very dangerous.

8. Always try to create traps! Your opponent doesn’t have time to think and it’s likely a GM will make the first move that comes in his mind, and you can surprise your opponent then by a sudden tactical blow.

9. Respect your opponentyou get much more time than the simul-giver and sometimes your next move may seem too obvious. But, while waiting for Alexandra to come round once again to you, don’t talk too loud and don’t discuss what is going on on the other chess-boards. Also don’t allow your parents or friends who are just behind you to comment on your game and advise you what moves to make. After all, it’s your game and usually advice from onlookers is not so good.

10. Believe in yourself! Think that there is nothing that you can’t do or achieve! Yes, a simul-giver has a lot of experience, a higher rating and lots of significant chess titles – but you are playing a chess game – you and your opponent have the same number of chess pieces at the start of the game. It is only your skills in this game in front of you that matter!

Best of luck!!

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