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Official Website of Women's World Champion GM Alexandra Kosteniuk

Press Release

The Chess Queen is coming to Athens!

Dear Sir/Madame

The Event

The Athens Chess Festival will take place in the central square of Petroupoli, close to the ancient
Theatre οf Petra from 10-14 October 2009. This is a five-day event which is rather rare by Greek
standards. Video projections, debates, discussions, chess tournaments, rapid and lightning chess,
even a party, are just some of the events that will occur.

The great attraction of the festival will be the beautiful 25 year old, model, wife and mother -
World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk from Russia, who has been named by Newsweek, "the Chess Queen"
(The photos will help you to understand why -! In the "Athens Chess Festival"
she will play against thirty opponents - men, women and children, simultaneously!

Alexandra has given interviews to CNN, Newsweek, and FOX TV in America. She has repeatedly appeared in
fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue and others and due to her popularity she always appears accompanied
by the public. She was recently awarded the title "Journalist of the Year" by the United States Chess
Federation showing that motherhood, beauty and magic of movement, can coexist in harmony on the

At the scale of the world chess scene Kosteniuk has a resonance corresponding to Isinbayeva in the pole
vault and, in track and field, has set new standards comparable to the world sprint record in 100m and
200m. We say this without exaggeration and you will understand by a simple "click" on her name in google.

This is a person who has the ability to draw the eyes of both the world and the photographic lens.
You will be sent if desired a DVD which shows her Simul in Panama. This, her first visit to the
Greek mainland and her participation in the events of the 1st Athens Chess Festival, may not change
landscape in the chess world, but will certainly shake up Greek chess and the Greek sport and cultural
bodies. It is estimated that at least 5,000 people will to come to the festival site.

The Athens Chess Festival has to date been advertised on the webpages:


Chess in Greece

Greece has the highest number of registered chess players per capita in Europe, with 30,000 official
card-holding athlete members of the Greek Chess Federation (E.S.O.), showing that chess is
the 3rd largest sport after soccer and basketball. Moreover, at the chessboard, all traditional
distinctions of power disappear with men, women and children of all ages and races, competing on an
equal basis using only mental ability.

Our Offer to you

We would like to invite you not for your financial support of the festival, but as a media sponsor of
television, radio and the INTERNET so that the public can view the visit of Alexandra to Greece,
the Festival and the thirty people who will face her in the exciting Simul. They will not be random
chess players but will emerge from qualifying tournaments that will take place on site. 

We believe that the projection of an event that will attract the eyes of the entire chess world and all
the many tens of thousands of followers of Greek chess during this special week in Athens, will raise
your company profiles tremendously. We offer you the exclusive opportunity to interview the World
Champion and to take photographs during the Festival. Your logo shall be located in large posters
that will be located in bus stops, on internet websites and of course centre stage in the Festival itself.

About our Athletic Organisation

The Petroupoli Chess Club "ZEUS", this year will be competing in the preliminary pool of the National
A league in Greece with top class players. It also has many other teams who represent each category
in various Greek and international competitions. We present an inexpensive marketing opportunity
for you to support the local community.

Petroupoli Chess Club "ZEUS" as a contracting entity is organising the Festival and has created a
dedicated marketing team which will promote and coordinate the entire event. We cordially invite
you in cooperation. The size and success of the event largely dependends on you.

Yours sincerely,
the marketing team of Petroupoli Chess Club "ZEUS"

Refounded Petroupoli Chess Club ¨ZEUS"

Petroupoli Square, Kritis 1, Petroupoli 13231, Athens, Greece

+(30) 210 5052191 

+(30) 6974 885991 

FAX +(30) 210 5013624
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