06/10/2009 The generosity of the people of Petroupoli has funded the printing of banners and the giant chess set!

05/10/2009 We visited football, basketball and cultural clubs in Petroupoli. Under the slogan “sport=body+mind”, many young sportspeople have pledged to support the Athens Chess Festival!

04/10/2009 We held a large and lively general assembly tonight in Petroupoli Chess Club DIAS to organise the staff roles in the Festival. The preoccupation by the government with general elections left us without financial support from the Municipality and the Ministry of Support. In the light of a large prospective sponsor also cutting a large promised advertising package, we all agreed to launch a fund-raising campaign locally to collect financial support for the Festival!

02/10/2009 Surpise Visit by GM Alexandra Kosteniuk to Petroupoli Chess Club DIAS


A little after 8pm, the women’s world champion GM Alexandra Kosteniuk arrived at Petroupoli Chess Club DIAS and was greeted by the President Mr Ioannis Kouliouras and the members of the general assembly Mr Antonis Pavlis, Mr Vasilis Koutsounis and the organiser of the Athens Chess Festival Mr Michael Taylor. She swapped views with people playing chess at the club  and took some photographs with juniors in the kids academy before leaving for the airport to continue her journey to F.Y.R.O.Makedonia where she will compete in the Womens European Cup. Alexandra was enthusiastic about the club venue and also with Petroupoli Square where she will give a Simul on the 14th of October. We wish her a safe arrival and every success in the European cup and thank her for her visit.

18/09/2009 One year ago today, GM Alexandra Kosteniuk became the 12th Women’s World Chess Champion. V.ideos of Alexandra can be found at her movie website: High resolution photographs from Alexandra’s chess events and fashion photo shoots can be ordered at

17/09/2009 Today we posted invitations to all 84 chess clubs in the Athens area.

14/09/2009 The draft Festival Programme as well as the Festival Layout (architectural design plan) are being finalised.

The Greek Chess Federation (E.S.O.) will be providing many additional chess sets and chess clocks so that we can cater for up to 500 players in the 3 Blitz and Active Simul-qualifying tournaments!

12/09/2009 We attended the annual meeting of the Greek Chess Federation (E.S.O) to present the Athens Chess Festival and have received their full endorsement.

10/09/2009 The Municipality of Petroupoli is running the Athens Chess Festival as their lead news piece:

09/09/2009 2 Athens Chess Clubs have approached us to participate in the Festival

08/09/2009 The Greek national newspaper Ta Nea (“The News”) reported on the Simul in Athens with GM Alexandra Kosteniuk to take place on the 14th of October in an article entitled “Chess from Moscow to Petroupoli with the Women’s World Champion!“:

05/09/2009 We are producing designs for the Festival layout. We’re hoping the giant chess board will be visible from the air!

01/09/2009 The Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk will give a Simul on the 14th of October!

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